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30 April–3 May 2018     ///     NRG Park     ///     Houston, Texas, USA

Exhibitor FAQs

Getting Started

  • Access the Exhibitor Services Manual (ESM) at Freeman Online, to view all necessary details for your exhibition success.
  • To download individual forms and documents for items including floral, electricity, Wi-Fi, and more, visit the Forms and Brochures page of the ESM.

Shipping Information

Freeman will receive shipments at the exhibit facility beginning Tuesday, 24 April 2018. Shipments arriving prior to this date may be refused by the facility. Any charges incurred for early freight accepted by the facility are the responsibility of the exhibitor. If required, provide your carrier with this phone number: 713.770.6750.

Exhibiting Company Name / Booth # _________


Please note: All items and materials that must be brought into the facility may be subject to Material Handling Charges and are the responsibility of the exhibitor. This also applies to items not ordered through the Official Show Vendors.

Please be aware that disposal of exhibit properties is not included as part of your material handling charges. Please contact Freeman for your quoted rates and rules applicable to the disposal of your exhibit properties.

Staff Registration and Housing

Five Complimentary Exhibitor Registrations per 100 square feet of exhibit space will be allotted to each contracted exhibitor for purpose of registering booth personnel. Registration is not automatic, despite complimentary registrations and all exhibitors must register to obtain conference badges. 


For assistance with housing or registration, please contact Experient:
PH: 847-996-5828
Email: otcexh@experient-inc.com


Include with booth

  • Standard booth draping (8-ft. high back wall and 3-ft. side rails) and an identification sign (7x44 inch) listing Exhibitor name and booth number will be provided to all indoor linear Exhibit Space. Any additional draping used must comply with Event color scheme and the published fire safety regulations.
  • Drayage: Crated shipments, machinery or equipment delivered to the NRG Center by trucks (other than vans) will be handled as outlined below and further detailed in the Exhibitor Services Manual as part of Exhibit Space rental fee.  (does not include shipment to Freeman Warehouse)    
    • Before Exhibition —truck unloading, delivery to booth, and crate storage
    • After Exhibition —crate return to booth, crate removal, and reloading.
  • Outdoor Exhibit Space fees include rental and freight handling as described above. No other equipment or service is provided.
  • Nightly vacuuming of the exhibit floor is included in Exhibit Space rates for indoor space only. (Exception: If Exhibitor’s Exhibit Space remains covered or cordoned off on Sunday morning, any vacuuming necessary on Monday morning will be at the expense of the Exhibitor). Additional cleaning services are available as outlined in the Special Cleaning form included in the Exhibitor Services Manual.
  • Five Complimentary Exhibitor Registrations per 100 square feet of Exhibit Space will be allotted to each contracted Exhibitor for purpose of registering booth personnel.
  • Discounted Exhibitor Registration rates for additional booth personnel.
  • Exhibitor listing in official Conference Program.
  • OTC will carpet all major aisles of indoor exhibit halls.

Not included with booth

Please note this is a partial list which includes the following items but is not limited to: 

  • Furniture 
  • Carpet
  • Wi-Fi
  • Electricity
  • Lead Retrieval
  • Plants/Flowers
  • Parking Passes
  • Catering


Carpet, electricity, and furniture are not included with your booth space purchase. OTC does require all exhibitors to have floor covering in their booth.  Carpet can be rented through Freeman, our general services contractor, or can be supplied by the exhibitor.  Ordering information for each of the aforementioned services can be found in the  Exhibitor Service Manual (ESM).

Guest Invitations (Traffic Boost)

With TrafficBoost, exhibitors can create a customized email campaign to invite guests to attend OTC 2018.

You can send as many invitations as you would like, as there is no charge to invite guests. You are charged only for guests that register through the TrafficBoost Program. If a guest does register a guest pass, the pricing is as follows:
Single Day Guest Pass: USD 15
Multi-Day Guest Pass: USD 50
Maximum billable amount: USD 3000

For Arena and Parkway Exhibitors
For OTC 2018, we are offering exhibitors in the Arena and Parkway the opportunity to get a number of Multi-Day Guest Passes (redeemed invitations) at no charge based on your booth size.  Below is a breakdown of the program:

10x10 booth – Receives 10 Free Redeemed Invitations
10x20 booth – Receives 15 Free Redeemed Invitations
10x30 & above – Receives 7 Free Redeemed Invitations for every 100 s/f 

  • 300 s/f receives 21 Free Redeemed Invitations
  • 400 s/f receives 28 Free Redeemed Invitations
  • 600 s/f receives 42 Free Redeemed Invitations
  • 1,000 s/f receives 70 Free Redeemed Invitations

For any Redeemed Invitations used over your company’s complimentary allotment, your company will be charged at the normal rate ($15 for Single day and $50 for Multi-day Guest Cards).

To access TrafficBoost, login to your exhibitor portal and click on the "Housing and Registration" button.

For questions, contact TrafficBoostSupport@experient-inc.com, or watch the instructional video:



How to access your account

You can view your account, print an invoice or make a payment on your account at any time by logging in to your account/exhibitor portal. 

Update your company listing within the exhibitor portal by selecting "Edit Company Listing". 

Please note, the above only changes contact information for your online and printed booth profile for public view, but does not change your contact information for us internally. Be sure to notify us of any changes to ensure you continue to receive important show information, notifications, and invoices. Simply email OTC Exhibit Management.

Your password can be found in the confirmation letter that was emailed to the primary contact on your account when space was assigned. You may also request your company password from OTC Exhibit Management.

Exhibit Set-Up and Break Down

An exhibitor may utilize all or a combination of the three sources below  to perform I&D for their booth; however, only authorized personnel will be granted access to the exhibition area:

  • Full-time employees of your company can set up your booth without any required paperwork
  • Freeman
  • An authorized third party contractor (Exhibitor Appointed Contractor - EAC)
    • If you plan to use a third party contractor to perform any services for/on your booth, you are required to notify show management by submitting the Intent to Hire a Contractor form by the posted deadline. Once this is received, show management will contact your third party contractor for further information.
    • New for OTC 2018: Failure to submit the Intent to Hire a Contractor form by the posted deadline, for a contractor who has not yet been designated by any other exhibitors, will result in the exhibiting company being required to use Freeman and other OTC official contractors for any and all services.  


 Refer to the Target Move-In Date floor plan for your area to determine when your freight should arrive at show site.


Refer to the Exhibition Schedule for dismantling hours.

Cost of Drayage

Crated shipments, machinery or equipment delivered to the NRG Center by trucks (other than vans) will be handled as outlined below and further detailed in the Exhibitor Services Manual as part of Exhibit Space rental fee.  (does not include shipment to Freeman Warehouse)    

            Before Exhibition—truck unloading, delivery to booth, and crate storage
            After Exhibition—crate return to booth, crate removal, and reloading.

For further details regarding move-in/move-out, please contact Freeman Exhibitor Services at 713.770.6750. 


  • NRG Park offers unlimited in & out parking passes sold on a first come first serve basis to all exhibitors until sold out for the Red, Orange & Blue Lots only.  Currently, the Orange Lot is sold out.
  • All Unlimited In & Out Parking Passes are $60 per vehicle & is valid for all 4 show days only.
  • The cost of parking at the entry gates on show days is $12 per entry/per vehicle cash only & does not allow any unlimited in & out entries.  This is for exhibitors that do not purchase parking passes.

Other Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can exhibitors choose their own parking lots? 
    • No.  NRG Park will designate all exhibitor parking orders accordingly based on booth locations.
  • Does NRG Park sell accessible parking tags? 
    • No.  NRG Park does not sell accessible parking tags but does provide accessible parking spaces in all lots on a first come first serve basis as well with their own government issued decal.
  • Will my prepaid parking pass receipt allow me access into the gates on show days? 
    • No.  Exhibitors will need to pay the $12 entry into the gates & will receive a parking stub as proof of purchase.  This stub will need to be brought to the service desk in order to be refunded to their credit card on file once they pick up their parking pass from the Exhibitor Services Center.
  • How Do I Pick Up My Prepaid Parking Passes? 
    • All prepaid parking passes must be picked up at the Exhibitor Services Center either at the NRG Center, Rooms 104-107 or the NRG Arena Pavilion during the week of exhibitor move-in or on show days from 8am-5pm.
  • Is there additional parking charges during move-in & move-out? 
    • No.  There is no additional parking charges during the week of set up or immediately after the last show day during move-out.
  • Are parking passes mandatory? 
    • No.  Parking passes are offered to exhibitors as a convenience in order to have the unlimited in & out entries if needed during the 4-day event.

Special Event Insurance

OTC requires exhibitors to have insurance; however, proof of insurance is not required. 

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