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30 April–3 May 2018     ///     NRG Park     ///     Houston, Texas, USA

New Exhibitor On-Boarding

New Exhibitor On-Boarding

Welcome to the OTC family!

As a new exhibitor, we view our relationship with you and your company as a long-term partnership. Our aim is to help your company achieve your goals and grow your business through our world-class event.  We do not want to just rent you booth space and hope things work out for you. That's why we partnered with America's leading tradeshow productivity expert to provide you with a New Exhibitor On-Boarding Program.

If you will invest a little of your preshow time to complete the five strategic planning exercises at the recommended time frames, download and use the free tradeshow implementation tools, view the webinars and read the articles below, your odds of achieving exhibiting success will be highly increased. 

At any time during your planning and execution if you have questions please reach out to your Sales Representative.

You can also get expert feedback on any of your exhibiting questions by clicking on the "Ask the Tradeshow Experts" Q&A.

Tools & Strategic Planning Exercises

Re-Playable Webinars

OTC New Exhibitor Web-Briefing: How to Have a Positive and Profitable Exhibiting Experience 

Recorded 14 February 2018

OTC wants to make sure all new exhibiting companies have a positive and productive experience.  As part of our new exhibitor on-boarding program, we highly encourage all new exhibiting companies to participate in an informative educational webinar.  OTC staff and tradeshow expert, Jefferson Davis of Competitive Edge, share important show and attendee information, “ins and outs” of exhibiting at OTC, and useful knowledge and exhibiting skills critical to help position your company for exhibiting success.  

High-Impact Pre-Show Planning: How to Manage Your Exhibit Program for Improved Results

In just 45 minutes, North America’s leading tradeshow productivity expert, Jefferson Davis will present the best planning practices. A sampling of the many important topics presented includes: The single most important pre-show planning question you can ask, how to align your exhibiting goals with attendees needs, the 15 word strategy statement challenge, the Exhibiting by Objectives planning process, and more!

High-Impact Pre and At-Show Marketing: How to Build Brand Awareness & Drive Qualified Booth Traffic

What is your company’s plan to “get in the mind” and “on the agenda” of the right attendees?  Don’t have a plan? Then you’re on equal footing with many exhibitors who struggle to make tradeshows productive. You’ll show-up and hope the right attendees find your booth.  Want to know what the top 10% of exhibitors are doing?   View this educational exhibitor webinar replay.

How to Make Your Exhibit Stand Out From the Crowd 

With so many exhibits to choose from, there is no way attendees can process or interact with every exhibit in the hall.  Have you ever wondered why attendees visit some booths/stands and not others? Do you want more traffic at your next show? So does every other exhibitor you’re competing with. The major question every exhibitor must ask and answer is… What can we do to make sure our exhibit gets noticed and interacted with? Don’t guess; find answers by viewing this webinar replay.

Secrets of the Aisles: Critical Skills Every Booth Staffer Needs to Know & Master

It’s no secret that tradeshows are about generating face-to-face contact with your market. Did you know that 86% of booth staffers have never received a single hour of skills training on how to interact with attendees on the challenging tradeshow floor?   This lack of formal skills training causes booth staffers to make behavioral and communication mistakes that cost you booth traffic, reduce lead count, and can negatively impact your brand in the market place. View this webinar replay to learn critical interaction skills all staffers should master.

From Leads to Sales: How to Improve Tradeshow Lead Quality & Sales Conversion

If capturing quality leads and converting them to sales is an important goal for your exhibit program, then you and your sales management team cannot afford to miss this exhibitor webinar replay.  In just under an hour, without leaving your desk, you and your team can access the latest thinking and best lead management practices.

Inside the Exhibiting Numbers: How to Measure Performance, Value & ROI 

Tradeshows represent a large investment of booth financial and human capital.  And while most companies know what they spent, very few actually know how to measure what they really got.  View this webinar replay to learn an easy to apply tradeshow measurement process that helps you provide management with the metrics to justify the spend and get more from your tradeshow investment.

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