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30 April–3 May 2018     ///     NRG Park     ///     Houston, Texas, USA

Technical Program


Striving Toward Safety Excellence in Offshore and Subsea Environments

Thursday, 3 May
Session Chairperson
Cheryl Grounds, Retired
Orlando Acosta, AIChE
Throughout the last 50 years, the role of process safety in the offshore industry has changed drastically, from an uncommon phrase to a conventional part of everyday operation. Now, offshore safety remains a vital component in operating and maintaining successful offshore drilling and production operations. While the idea of implementing safer practices is no longer a unique element in offshore operations, much work still needs to be done in order to truly have process safety excellence as the industry standard. This session will offer models for best practices in creating and integrating safety standards into offshore and marine developments.
  • 1400-142228782BOP Testing And It’s Availability on Demand-A Case Study
    M. Zulqarnain, Louisiana State University (Petr. Eng. Dept)
  • 1422-144428623Filling the Gaps in SIS Standards for Reliable, Cost-Effective Safety Solutions
    S. Statham, Emerson Fisher Digital Isolation
  • 1444-150628980Pressure Relief Valves Fugitive Emissions Testing
    E. Tezzo, A. Gado, C. Deng, Emerson Automation Solutions
  • 1506-152828830Application of System-Theoretic Process Analysis to the Isolation of Subsea Wells: Opportunities and Challenges of Applying STPA to Subsea Operations
    H. Kim, M.A. Lundteigen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU); A. Hafver, F.B. Pedersen, DNV-GL; G. Skofteland, Statoil
  • 1528-155028824Operational and Safety Improvements of Applying Real Time Analytics in a Drilling Contractor RTOC
    A. Madaleno, S. Souza, L. Albuquerque, C. Oliveira, QGOG Constellation
  • 1550-161228946Tactical Airborne Oil Spill Remote Sensing: Poseidon, A New Operational Approach.
    A. Vagata, Fototerra Aerial Survey LLC; T. Hengstermann, Optimare Systems GmbH
  • 1612-163228747A Practical Approach to Evaluate Acoustic and Flow Induced Fatigue of Piping Systems
    Q. Chen, V. Vinayan, R. Vrijland, Atkins, Member of the SNC - Lavalin Group

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